Berkley Says…

On my way home after picking up Berkley from daycare:
B: Milk mamma?
M: yes, we will have milk when we get home
B: Mamma’s milk, on the couch?
M: Yes, we can sit on the couch and have mamma’s milk when we get home.
B:  Milk!!  Where are you?!
Lately Berkley has been not only requesting milk, but insisting on the location.  “Milk, downstairs momma” or “milk, bed momma.”  

Every time I get into the car to put her in her car seat she says “Look at ALL those Cheerios!”  even if there are none.

She is starting to recognize cars, especially since mine was broke down. She now always says ” ride in daddy’s Jeep?  it’s bumpy.”   We were borrowing my mom’s car and she says “ride in grandma’s car.”

One day when I was running errands, she asked for water.  I said “in a little bit.”  She responded “In little bit. o-KAY!”  

She constantly holds her babies or her little teddy bear and sings “rock-a-bye baby” or “rock-a-bye bear.”  I love to see how sweet she is with her babies and hope that it is a reflection of our compassion as parents :)

If she can’t find her teddy bear:
B: Where’d teddy bear go?
M: Where DID your teddy bear go?
B: I dun-NOO..

After walking into a room and spotting her teddy bear.
B: Who’s THAT GUY?!
(everyone laughs)
B: Teddy Bear!

If daddy is in another room in the house and she needs him. Or just wants to be funny:
(I always correct her and say “no, that’s DADDY.” but my husband told me he actually thinks it’s really cute)

When she puts hats on she says “so CUTE!”  and when she puts shoes on goes “I like your shoes!”

When I pick her up from daycare lately, all of her toddler classmates swarm me.  They hug on me, sit on my lap and play with my coat.  Yesterday when this happened, Berkley said “NO! MY momma!  Berkley’s momma!”  

When we go places and she sees a stranger she’ll say “who is that momma?” Oftentimes when seeing another woman, she’ll say “nother momma”  and I say “yes, that’s a momma.”  All females are mommas I guess ;) (update: she now does this with elderly women and calls them “nother gramma”)

I’ve been trying to go to a free workout class lately, but she’s not adjusting to the child care there very well and it’s also very hard for me to pick her up, rush home, make a semi-healthy meal, then rush to work out. So last night I popped in my old Pilates video just to see how she’d handle it – and hoping she’d join me a little.  And she did!  She tried to do the poses and it was So Stinkin Cute.  But of course before I could finish, she was climbing on my back saying “Piggy toes?  Yes.”  Because she answers her own questions now. Oh, and piggy toes means piggy back ride in B land. :)