Work Trip

I’m preparing to leave on a 2 night/3 day work trip.  It’s always tough being away from my hubby, but is now even tougher being away from our baby girl.  She’s going to stay with my parents while I’m gone so it will be hard on both of us to be away from her for a few days.  I’ve been doing my best to prepare for our time apart, like pumping as much as I can to leave for her while I’m gone, packing important “just in case” items for my mom to take with her (acetaminophen, thermometer, etc.), packing favorite toys, clothes, cups, snacks, etc.  I’ve been away from her for work a couple times now and although I never like it at all, it is getting easier #1) because it’s not the first time and #2) because she is a little older.  Luckily since she’ll be at mom and dad’s, I can take my laptop and Skype with them while I’m away. This will be the first time she’s stayed the night away from us.  She absolutely loves my parents house though so I am not worried and I know she will do fine. She will have tons of attention, lots of free outdoor space to explore, and an abundance of cats to squeal at. 



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