Daycare Update

Berkley started her new daycare (Pre-K center) last week and she just loves it.  I’m going to try to snap a pic of her while she’s there and get it posted sometime.  I couldn’t be happier with the place.  They are so accommodating and understanding. They have no problem giving her breast milk everyday and also use our cloth diapers. Everyday they give us a sheet to tell us what activities she did, how many diaper changes she had, what her mood was like, how long her nap was, etc.  When I would leave her at the home daycare, the lady would grab her from me and go into the kitchen without even letting me say good bye and it would always make her cry.  At her new place, they told me to always take as much time as I need to say goodbye which is so nice because I can make sure she is comfortable and occupied. She usually doesn’t even notice or seem to care when I finally do leave.  She’s currently on her 6th day, and all of the other kids are always so excited when she gets there.  Everyday she says good morning to everyone by giving her cute little trademark wave:)


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