10 Months

The months just keep flying by!  You are a very mobile baby now.  You crawl everywhere, get into everything and you get especially excited when you find something you know you shouldn’t play with.  Wearing leg warmers or pants is a necessity these days with all of the crawling you do.  Some bruises even showed up on your knees and legs after crawling on grandma and grandpa’s hardwood floors all weekend. You make tons of cute noises and I’m not sure if anything of them can be counted as words yet. It’s funny how most of the sounds you make go up in pitch as if you’re asking a question – Like “oh really? You don’t say?”  You say “dadadadada” quite often.  The only time you say “mamamamama” is when you crying or upset.  One of my favorite sounds you make is when you go “OH yeah.”   You also say “uh-oh”  and “dog.”  Dog may be the one that you actually attach meaning to.  When we say “where is the dog?”  you look right at Poncho. You are definitely an animal-lover like your parents. We are still working on getting you to sign to us.  I know you will do it soon and we just have to keep teaching you and be patient.  You did go through a phase where you were afraid of men, but you seem to be over it now.  In fact, you are very social with everybody – even complete strangers.  You smile your squinty-eyed smile for everyone.  When we go to the grocery store, people all around us say “Oh, what a happy girl.  Is she always so happy?”  I simply reply, “She’s a pretty happy girl.”  In addition to crawling, you’ve also learned how to stand and “furniture walk.”  You even stood all by yourself at grandma and grandpa’s.  You got out of your chair on the deck, held out your arms to me, and stood completely unassisted.  It was amazing and made me so proud.  Another activity you enjoy is taking things out of something and/or putting things in something.  If you find a box of toys or a basket of clothes, you sit there and grab each thing one by one and put it behind you. You also like to point your finger at people. When your  daddy or I get home from work and walk into the room, you point to us and smile. Right now I’m on temporary unemployment and am able to spend the next 5 weeks with you.   We’ve been having so much fun sleeping in, nursing whenever you want, going to play groups, going grocery shopping, taking walks, going out of town to visit grandma and grandpa, going out to eat with daddy, the list goes on and on.  I love having you as my little sidekick everywhere I go.

10 Month Stats

Standing:  Yep

Walking:  Not yet

Current Clothes Size:  12-18 month

Favorite Toy:  Always changing.  You like things that make noise and love to play the game where you drop something and have us pick it up. Over and over.

Hair:  Finally starting to fill in.  And YES.  It is still RED :)

Clothes Change/DIaper Change:  STILL hate it

Favorite Shows:  Pocoyo, Early Bloomers, Wonder Pets

Kiddie Pool:  Need One


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