Feeling Sentimental

While cleaning out my desk at work today I found the following note:


Things to ask @ next appt:

*Short of breath when I lay down

*Is it true I shouldn’t lie on my back after 16 weeks?

*Headache relief?

*Should I lift things


Typically I’m a throw-everything-away-because-I-hate-clutter type of person.  But since becoming a mom, I’ve found that every little thing I find that has a connection to my pregnancy or labor is something I can’t throw away.  Although my pregnancy wasn’t the most comfortable time of my life, I love remembering the anticipation and the excitement of the unknown.  I love thinking about the person that I was then and the person I am now.  Any scribble that brings me back to the pre-Berkley days will definitely find it’s way to her keepsake box.  I can just picture her going through it someday.  There is no doubt she’ll be able to tell how much we cherished her before she even entered this world.




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