Time Off

I’m coming up on my last week of work before I take a 5-week temporary layoff.  AND I could not be more ready for it!  Five weeks seems like a long time, yet I know it won’t seem long enough.  We have so many plans for my time off, there’s no way we’ll get to them all.  But here’s a “short” list of what we hope to do:

  • Go to Tanganyika Zoo. It’s this awesome zoo that lets you interact with the animals.  So excited!
  • Take a family camping trip.  We’ll probably go to Perry Lake.  My husband is super excited about this one.
  • Spruce up the backyard.  This has been on our to-do list since we moved in, but now we have some motivation:  our upcoming birthday party for a 1-year-old!
  • Make everything for/get everything ready for the big birthday party.  This one needs a list all it’s own.
  • Learn how to sew. Courtesy of my wonderful mother.  We have SEW many projects we are planning :)
  • Take my baby swimming for the first time.  If it’s warm enough.
  • Work on my Christmas scrapbook. My parents got us a pre-made scrapbook for Christmas photos and I haven’t gotten around to adding photos to it yet.
  • Baby-proof.  I’ve learned that this one is kind of ongoing, but there are still some important baby-proof items that need installed – like the cabinet and door latches.
  • Paint/update the half bath downstairs.  Another project I’ve needed to do since we’ve moved in.  A new coat of paint, a cabinet and a few other small things should perk it right up!
  • Practice the fiddle.  By the time my break is over, I will have mastered Old MacDonald.
  • Go on dates.  Hopefully we get several date nights in and continue to make time for them even when I return back to work.

And of course we will have other things that will be going on like family visiting from out of state, a wedding, house-sitting for a friend, Mother’s Day and who knows what else.  I have been telling everyone I think I’ll be busier on my lay-off than when I’m working and now that I’ve written it all out, it is proving to be true.  I know it will fly by, but I’m going to do my best to savor every bit of my freedom for 5 weeks.  I won’t have to be somewhere by 7:30 am everyday. I won’t have to be glued to a computer for 8 hours.  I’ll be able to cuddle my baby any time of the day.  And for those weeks I can pretend like I don’t need a job and get a real feel of the “stay-at-home mom life.”  Because hey, who wouldn’t want to spend every minute with this little punkin?  :)


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