9 Months

9 months?  Are you serious?  You are such a big girl now.  You have learned to crawl and clap your hands just in this past month.  Everyday I’m more and more amazed by how fast you are learning.  You pay attention to EVERYTHING now.  If I take something away that you shouldn’t have, you now turn to look to see where I put it.  If I’m eating something and you are not, you watch tentatively.  If you start to crawl far away from me, you stop to turn around to see if I’m watching.  When I sing to you, you look me in the eyes and listen to every word.  I would say you are at a “fun age” right now but I have a feeling I would be saying that every month :)

9 Month Stats:

Teeth: 6 (Unfortunately for me, this means the biting has begun.  You have sunk your teeth into my knee, stomach, cheek and nose :)

Hair:  Finally starting to get some

Combi Car Walker:  Still love it. Especially now that you can make it move and follow me around the kitchen :)

Jogging Stroller:  Need One!

Crawling:  EVERYWHERE!

Toenails:  Still weird.  I know this is random, but your toenails curve outward and we have to keep up on trimming them because they seem to be razor sharp!

Ear Infections:  One.  Hoping you have better ear health than I did as a kid. (Tubes in my ears twice!)

Headbands and Hats:  Still tolerate them. For now.


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