Trendy Baby

It’s Trendy Baby time!

We had to run to Babies R Us this evening to get some baby proofing gear.  Hopefully that will be a weekend project for me and the hubs.  She’s into everything now that she’s mastered crawling.  Anyway, here’s the wardrobe rundown:

Headband:  Handmade by a friend

Shirt:  Gift from grandma (Gymboree I believe)

Leggings:  Thrifted from a friend

Shoes: Baby Gap

I actually didn’t get a shot of her looking at me because she was so fascinated with her kitty shoes.

Apparently they are quite tasty.

The lady at Baby Gap actually talked me into buying them when I went there to buy these (pictured in the last Trendy Baby post):

You can’t really see it, but her top has a little Boston Terrier doggie on it.  Nothing better to pair it with than some kitty shoes! :)

And on another note, you’ll notice I take her photo in this little rocking chair every time. It was a handmade gift given to us from my husband’s family.  I picked out some fabric and had my mom sew a cushion for it.

I love it!  And so does Berkley.  Every time I sit her in it, she pounds the arm rests and smiles real big as if to say, “this is MY rocking chair. I’m a big girl!”


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