9 Months

9 months?  Are you serious?  You are such a big girl now.  You have learned to crawl and clap your hands just in this past month.  Everyday I’m more and more amazed by how fast you are learning.  You pay attention to EVERYTHING now.  If I take something away that you shouldn’t have, you now turn to look to see where I put it.  If I’m eating something and you are not, you watch tentatively.  If you start to crawl far away from me, you stop to turn around to see if I’m watching.  When I sing to you, you look me in the eyes and listen to every word.  I would say you are at a “fun age” right now but I have a feeling I would be saying that every month :)

9 Month Stats:

Teeth: 6 (Unfortunately for me, this means the biting has begun.  You have sunk your teeth into my knee, stomach, cheek and nose :)

Hair:  Finally starting to get some

Combi Car Walker:  Still love it. Especially now that you can make it move and follow me around the kitchen :)

Jogging Stroller:  Need One!

Crawling:  EVERYWHERE!

Toenails:  Still weird.  I know this is random, but your toenails curve outward and we have to keep up on trimming them because they seem to be razor sharp!

Ear Infections:  One.  Hoping you have better ear health than I did as a kid. (Tubes in my ears twice!)

Headbands and Hats:  Still tolerate them. For now.


Trendy Baby

It’s Trendy Baby time!

We had to run to Babies R Us this evening to get some baby proofing gear.  Hopefully that will be a weekend project for me and the hubs.  She’s into everything now that she’s mastered crawling.  Anyway, here’s the wardrobe rundown:

Headband:  Handmade by a friend

Shirt:  Gift from grandma (Gymboree I believe)

Leggings:  Thrifted from a friend

Shoes: Baby Gap

I actually didn’t get a shot of her looking at me because she was so fascinated with her kitty shoes.

Apparently they are quite tasty.

The lady at Baby Gap actually talked me into buying them when I went there to buy these (pictured in the last Trendy Baby post):

You can’t really see it, but her top has a little Boston Terrier doggie on it.  Nothing better to pair it with than some kitty shoes! :)

And on another note, you’ll notice I take her photo in this little rocking chair every time. It was a handmade gift given to us from my husband’s family.  I picked out some fabric and had my mom sew a cushion for it.

I love it!  And so does Berkley.  Every time I sit her in it, she pounds the arm rests and smiles real big as if to say, “this is MY rocking chair. I’m a big girl!”

Days in the Park

I am quite behind on my blogging but I thought I’d share a few photos of some days we spent at the park.  Days in between being sick, that is.

In the past month, I’ve had the stomach flu and a really bad head cold and fever.  Then my husband got the head cold too.  We thought our daughter was in the clear until she woke up with a fever one morning – a fever that wouldn’t go away. We took her to the doctor to find out she had her first ear infection.  Not long after starting her antibiotics, she was already back to her cheerful self.  Here is her daddy giving her her medicine:

It was hard to get her to take it at first, but she takes it pretty well now.

A few weeks ago, her and I packed up the stroller and went to the park.  Many times on the weekends, I end up telling myself “you better get your butt outside and enjoy this nice day with your daughter before it’s over!” And these 2 thoughts are constantly battling out inside my head:   “I need to get this and this and this done” and “I need to enjoy my baby while she’s STILL a baby.”   It’s a balancing act that I’m sure many moms struggle with.  So anyway, we took a stroll through park and as I passed through the playground part of the park, I saw several kids swinging.  I thought to myself, “I wonder if she is big enough for the baby swing.”  So when we looped back around, I took her out of her stroller and put her in a swing for the first time. I was kind of nervous and pushed her very gently.  She seemed to enjoy it but honestly, she was more fascinated with the little kids swinging next to her.

After the swing, we walked around for awhile longer enjoying the pleasant weather and watched the other kids play.

Of course it is always more fun when the whole family can join in on the fun.  On one of daddy’s night’s off, we decided to have a picnic in the park. Berkley really seemed to enjoy eating outside.  This was also one of the first days she learned to clap her hands.

She’s a bit of a daddy’s girl.

It felt so nice to sprawl out on a blanket and lay outside.

After our picnic, we took a quick walk through the park.  I say quick because this is when Randy and I both started to get sick.  Berkley really seems to enjoy the outdoors and we are looking forward to taking a camping trip sometime in May.  Until then, backyards and parks will have to do.

Trendy Baby

Sorry it has been so long since my last post.  Things have been crazy around here.  We’ve been trying to finish our bathroom remodel which is taking longer than expected.  This is mainly because 1) we have an 8-month-old and 2) we’ve been ill.  First I had the most awful stomach flu that kept me home from work for 2 and a half days.  That’s a lot of missed work for me – especially considering I get zero sick days. And now, I am recovering from an awful cold. So anyway, I thought I’d start a regular recurring post called Trendy Baby.  I’ll post a photo of Berkley and list where all of her clothing items are from.  I’ve seen other bloggers do this, usually posting their own photos in cute outfits.  Since my baby is much trendier than I am, will just stick with her for now :)

This is what she wore while we ran errands this afternoon:


Headband:  Some baby store in Wichita

Flower:  From another hat she has from Zulily

Shirt:  Thrifted from my mom

Leggings: Thrifted from my friend

Shoes:  Baby Gap