Happy Valentine’s Day!

Since my husband has such a crazy schedule, we rarely get to spend Valentine’s Day together. But that’s okay – we make it work by just going out some other day of the week.  This usually works out pretty well as most places aren’t nearly as busy.  This will be our first Valentine’s Day as parents and we haven’t decided yet if we are getting a babysitter. It is very true what they say – when you go out without your kids, they are still all you can talk about :)  One of the highlights of the day was my husband texting me that our baby girl has 2 top teeth that broke through today and 2 more on their way.  Exciting stuff!

One downfall of this day is that I’m at work and not at home.  But as soon as I got home I snapped some quick shots of my baby girl in her festive V-Day outfit.  Isn’t her headband adorable?  My bff made it for her.

We got in some much needed cuddle time before venturing out to do some grocery shopping.  I couldn’t think of a better way to spend the evening.  I love this girl so much!


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