Packages are Fun!

Isn’t in fun when you get home and there’s a package waiting for you? For some reason this has been happening quite often lately. Perhaps its because I often order things and then forget.  However there was one package I was anxiously looking forward to – a box of organic produce. Hey, it’s the little things right?  We recently signed up for a bi-weekly organic produce delivery service.

One of the main reasons I wanted to try out this service is because our daughter has recently started solids (a.k.a. baby led weaning).  I went online and scared myself silly reading about all the pesticides and chemicals on “non-organic” produce.  Plus, how much more convenient could it be than having fresh, yummy fruits and veggies delivered right to your door? Our first box included all of these goodies:

My only obstacle has been finding ways to prepare them, especially since some of the produce were things I’d never eaten.  In a way that is a good thing, as it forces my husband and I to try new things along with our daughter and it has really helped us to eat healthier.  My first stab at utilizing some of our organic fruits and veggies:  Avocado Mango Salsa.  Delish.

Baby girl seemed to enjoy it too!

On another package-related note, we also finally got a new kitchen trash can.  Our other one has been broken for some time.  The plastic thing on the lid broke and I was sad :(

For some reason, finding a decent trash can for a reasonable price was not an easy task.  I finally settled on this one and hubby put it together for me.  It had to be red to match the rest of the kitchen of course :)

And lastly, I came home to this package:

It’s kind of a long story, but when we moved into our house, the previous owners had trimmed the shower and tub with wood.  Yes I said wood.  Untreated, plain old wood that is sure to be rotting more and more with each shower we take.  So in looking to the future, we decided we should take care of that issue so we may actually have a chance at selling our house someday.  After having the “tile guy” come look at it, he informed me not only is there water behind the wood trim, but behind all the shower tile as well.  We kind of expected that.  So we are replacing all the tile in our bathroom and decided to go ahead and replace the old, crappy fixtures in the tub and shower as well (which are also trimmed in wood).  I can’t wait until the bathroom project is done.  I’ll be sure to do a “before and after” post in the near future.


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