Just Our Luck

Today was just like any other day. I got home from work, talked to the babysitter about their day and then took care of all of Berkley’s needs before we ventured off to do some much needed grocery shopping.  I locked up the dog and cat, put baby girl in her car seat, set the house alarm, ran downstairs because I forgot to grab a blanket and we were out the door.  I walked to the Jeep and tried to open the door and it was locked.  When I went to grab my keys to unlock it, they weren’t there.  I immediately feel my stomach knot up.  I calmly punch the code into the garage and hope that the door to the dining room is unlocked.  It isn’t.  I stand there looking at Berkley for a few minutes and go over in my head what I should do.  I realize that not only am I locked out, I also do not have my cell phone.  Luckily, we know at least four of our neighbors and honestly, what other options did I have?  I walk over to our neighbors to the west of us and knock on their door.  I hear their dogs bark, but no one answers.  So then I walk to Lois’ house.  Lois is the sweet older lady that lives to our east.  I ring her doorbell and patiently wait.  She answers – thank goodness!  I explain the situation and she tells me about a time that she did the same thing.  I use her phone to call my husband to see if he can stop by and let me in.  (While I’m dialing his number Lois is still talking my ear off :)  My husband said he’s on the other side of town, but will be there shortly to let me in.  When I go outside to meet him, he tells me he has bad news. He left his keys at the station and will have to retrieve them from there and then come back and let me in.  “No problem,” I reply and continue catching up with Lois.  Several minutes later, her phone rings and it’s my husband again.  He says to me “do you want the bad news, or the bad news?”  Oh no. Now what.  “I’ll just tell you,” he says. “I stopped by the house this afternoon to see Berkley and I left my keys in the house.  We’ll have to call a locksmith.”  So what was supposed to be a planned out, productive evening, turned out to be quite the opposite.  And to top it off, my baby was ready to go to sleep.  Finally, an hour and a half and sixty dollars later, we get back in the house.  I thank Lois for her hospitality and put my daughter to sleep.  My husband asked me “What are the odds that all of these events would happen in one day?” I tell him, “It’s just our luck.” But honestly, it could’ve been worse.  What if I had locked myself out and Berkley was inside?  What if it was freezing cold with snow on the ground outside? I tell myself this to keep things in perspective and try to stay positive. And I want this blog to be positive.  So my evening didn’t go as planned.  As a parent you learn to get used to that pretty fast and it really isn’t so bad. Sometimes unplanned mishaps make life interesting. I just prefer the mishaps that don’t cost us $60.  Oh well, tomorrow is another day :)


8 Months Old

Dear Berkley,

I cannot believe you are 8 months old today my sweet Berkley Mae.  Everyone tells us the time flies by fast when you have a child and boy is that the truth.  Every time I clean out your closet to weed out what you’ve outgrown, I’m filled with mixed emotions.  I am so thankful that you are healthy and your dad and I love to boast about your measurements being “off the charts.”  At the same time it makes me sad that before I know it, you will not be a baby anymore.  Sometimes I wish I could just press pause and keep you at this age forever.  You are so much fun right now and are really showing your personality.  When you smile, you smile with your whole face and people are mesmerized by it. We often get this question: “Does she ever cry?”   I love how excited you get when I get home from work. You squeal and wave your arms in the air and kick your legs.  But you certainly don’t favor one parent over the other.  One thing that became apparent soon after you were born was that daddy is a very special person to you. This is still true perhaps now more than ever. Any time he enters the room, even if you’ve spent the entire day with him, you absolutely light up with joy.  You and your father have so much fun together and I love the special bond you guys have.

Today you are 8 months old and in 4 more months you will be 1 year.  I cannot even believe it.  I look around at other moms of 1-year-olds and can’t believe how much you are going to change in that short time.  But for now,  your dad and I are going to cherish you at the age you are at.  We will smother you with kisses and tickle your feet.  We’ll bounce you on the bed until you giggle like crazy.  We’ll (your dad) will sing you songs all day long because you don’t care yet that we sing off-key.  We’ll cuddle you and rub you’re back when you aren’t feeling well.  We will read you stories as you grab the book out of our hands to chew on it.  We will take you on walks so you can explore the world and feel the wind on your chubby cheeks.  We will live in the moment and enjoy every second of being the proud parents of an 8-month-old; an absolutely perfect 8-month-old at that.

8 Month Details:

Bumbo – Barley fit in it – you’re legs are too chubby! Don’t need it anyway because you can sit on your own now.

Exersaucer – Love to play in it when you’re in the right mood

Bouncy Seat – About to outgrow it

Clothes – Hate them.  I’ve never seen a kid dislike changing their clothes as much as you do

Jolly Jumper – You still love

Favorite Animal – Poncho

Teeth – 4!

Crawling – Not yet, but ridiculously close

Weight – TBA at next appointment which is not for another month. Our guess?  20 lbs

February Sunshine

After returning home from visiting my family, baby girl and I had to endure the obnoxious, loud noises coming from upstairs as our bathroom tile was being ripped out.  Since it was a pretty nice day out, I decided to break out the stroller and take a walk to get away from it all.

Although I know global warming is terrible, I have to say I have rather enjoyed this unseasonably warm Kansas winter so far.  On the other hand, I would like my baby girl to see at least one snow before summer gets here.

This was the first time Berkley ever rode in the stroller facing out.  She really seemed to enjoy the new perspective :)

Sometimes people tell us her hair looks blonde. But most of the time we hear that it looks red.  What do you think?  :)

I really don’t take walks nearly enough and I’m going to move that up on my priority list.  I’m looking forward to spending a lot more fun outdoor time with this little pumpkin.

Out of Oz

So I just finished this book and it while I wasn’t crazy about the last few chapters, it was still a good read.  One of my favorite lines from the story:

“Live life without grasping for the magic of it. Turn back and find out what that was like; or turn forward, and learn something new.”


Recently, I was introduced to Kelle Hampton’s blog and it is now a blog I follow regularly.  Kelle is a mom of 2 and her second child was born with Down’s Syndrome. I love reading her blog. It is filled with her wonderful photography along with cute day to day stories about her family that are written so beautifully.  She has a book coming out in a couple of months and just posted the trailer for it.  I will definitely be reading this one.

If you happen to visit her blog and read Nella’s birth story, make sure you have some tissues handy….

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Since my husband has such a crazy schedule, we rarely get to spend Valentine’s Day together. But that’s okay – we make it work by just going out some other day of the week.  This usually works out pretty well as most places aren’t nearly as busy.  This will be our first Valentine’s Day as parents and we haven’t decided yet if we are getting a babysitter. It is very true what they say – when you go out without your kids, they are still all you can talk about :)  One of the highlights of the day was my husband texting me that our baby girl has 2 top teeth that broke through today and 2 more on their way.  Exciting stuff!

One downfall of this day is that I’m at work and not at home.  But as soon as I got home I snapped some quick shots of my baby girl in her festive V-Day outfit.  Isn’t her headband adorable?  My bff made it for her.

We got in some much needed cuddle time before venturing out to do some grocery shopping.  I couldn’t think of a better way to spend the evening.  I love this girl so much!

10 (Overdue) New Year Resolutions

Okay, so I know it’s the middle of February so a New Year Resolution list may not be the proper name for this.  But I have a lot of things on my mind and whenever that happens I always feel better if I make a list. Some of these obviously aren’t going to happen this year, but are still things I hope to do in the near future:

  1. Start drawing again
  2. Learn how to play the fiddle
  3. Hang more photos in my house
  4. Start doing some (paid) freelance graphic design
  5. Exercise
  6. Learn how to sew
  7. Stop biting my nails
  8. Take a vacation with my family
  9. Move to the country
  10. Pay off our debt (aka finish our debt snowball)

Packages are Fun!

Isn’t in fun when you get home and there’s a package waiting for you? For some reason this has been happening quite often lately. Perhaps its because I often order things and then forget.  However there was one package I was anxiously looking forward to – a box of organic produce. Hey, it’s the little things right?  We recently signed up for a bi-weekly organic produce delivery service.

One of the main reasons I wanted to try out this service is because our daughter has recently started solids (a.k.a. baby led weaning).  I went online and scared myself silly reading about all the pesticides and chemicals on “non-organic” produce.  Plus, how much more convenient could it be than having fresh, yummy fruits and veggies delivered right to your door? Our first box included all of these goodies:

My only obstacle has been finding ways to prepare them, especially since some of the produce were things I’d never eaten.  In a way that is a good thing, as it forces my husband and I to try new things along with our daughter and it has really helped us to eat healthier.  My first stab at utilizing some of our organic fruits and veggies:  Avocado Mango Salsa.  Delish.

Baby girl seemed to enjoy it too!

On another package-related note, we also finally got a new kitchen trash can.  Our other one has been broken for some time.  The plastic thing on the lid broke and I was sad :(

For some reason, finding a decent trash can for a reasonable price was not an easy task.  I finally settled on this one and hubby put it together for me.  It had to be red to match the rest of the kitchen of course :)

And lastly, I came home to this package:

It’s kind of a long story, but when we moved into our house, the previous owners had trimmed the shower and tub with wood.  Yes I said wood.  Untreated, plain old wood that is sure to be rotting more and more with each shower we take.  So in looking to the future, we decided we should take care of that issue so we may actually have a chance at selling our house someday.  After having the “tile guy” come look at it, he informed me not only is there water behind the wood trim, but behind all the shower tile as well.  We kind of expected that.  So we are replacing all the tile in our bathroom and decided to go ahead and replace the old, crappy fixtures in the tub and shower as well (which are also trimmed in wood).  I can’t wait until the bathroom project is done.  I’ll be sure to do a “before and after” post in the near future.